A 40-Year-Old Cake From Princess Diana’s Wedding Up for Auction

Looking to spend money on a single piece of 40-year-old cake from someone else’s wedding? You’re in luck!

A sliver of history is up for grabs. A sweet souvenir from one of the most iconic weddings of the 21st century can be all yours!

This may be the most expensive piece of cake in your life! A piece of cake that was left of Princess Diana’s wedding cake is being auctioned. The large slice of cake icing and marzipan base is from one of the whopping 23 official cakes made for the iconic July 1981 wedding.

As The Washington Post reports, a piece of cake from their royal wedding is hitting the UK auction block next week, with an estimated price tag of £200 to £300 (about $300 to $400).

This celebrated item comes in its original white and silver presentation box, appended with the royal wedding date and information.

It’s not cake—but rather a thick slab of white icing decorated with “a sugared only of the Royal Coat-of-Arms colored in gold, red, blue, and silver, a small silver horseshoe, and leaf spray adjacent,” and some other embellishments.

Dominic Winter Auctioneers’ website says that it acquired the cake slice in August 2008 after it was sold on behalf of Moyra’s family.

Whatever you do, please don’t eat it!

“It appears to be in exactly the same good condition as when originally sold, but we advise against eating it,” the company added on the same webpage.

The live auction takes place on August 11.

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