5 pairs of grippy socks that are way better than going barefoot all day long

5 pairs of grippy socks that are way better than going barefoot all day long

If you’ve got wood floors, walking around in socks all day can feel like you’re re-creating the infamous Risky Business scene when Tom Cruise slides into the kitchen. The problem, though, is that it’s all fun and games until you slide so hard you fall flat on your face. The solution? Swap your regular socks for a pair of grippies.

Grippy socks—aka the ones you wear for yoga and Pilates—are perfect for walking around at home all day. They’ll keep your feet protected from any floor crud that risks getting between your toes, and prevent slipping on any sort of hard surface like wood, marble, or tile… which is especially dangerous when there are stairs involved.

The only thing to keep in mind if you plan to embrace grippy sock life for the long haul (or at least for the rest of quarantine) is that you should be sure to regularly swap in some shoes. “Whether you’re wearing socks or not, your foot is still not receiving the support it needs which can put a lot of pressure on the mechanics,” says Miguel Cunha, MD, Founder of Gotham Footcare. “When you do this for an extended amount of time, it is bad for your feet because it allows your foot to collapse which can lead to a tremendous amount of stress not only to the foot but to the rest of the body.” This can lead to problems like arch and heel pain, shin splints and tendonitis (in addition to exacerbating underlying issues like bunions and hammer toes). So while grippies are great, they shouldn’t necessarily be your everyday solution.

With that in mind, we rounded up a few of our faves to help you up your sock game…. and keep you from slipping and sliding every time you head to the kitchen for a snack.

toesox Grip Pilates Barre Yoga Socks – Non-Slip Elle Half Toe Multi Pack, $38

a pair of legs wearing black shoes© Photo: Toesox

These socks are about as chock-full of tech as socks can get. They’ve got an arch band that provides some lift and support, and patented no-slip grips so you truly won’t budge on the floor. Plus, they separate your toes, giving you full control of every step.

Tavi Noir Jane Fashion Knee High Grip Socks, $28

a close up of a person© Photo: Tavi Noir

Stay in place and make a fashion statement with knee highs. They’ll keep your legs warm, and look freaking adorable paired with and ever-trendy pair of bike shorts.

Lucky 21 Non Slip Skid Socks with Grips, $25

© Provided by Well+Good

Can’t decide on a single pair of grip socks? Get an entire rainbow of ’em for only $25.

JOYNÉE Non-Slip Yoga Socks for Women, $13

© Photo: Joynée

These two-toned toe grippers will add a spot of sunshine to your day, and help you avoid sliding around your house.

Bombas Women’s Gripper Ankle Socks, $14

a close up of a red background© Photo: Bombas

Consider these the resident cool kid in the grippy socks club. Plus, you can feel good knowing that when you buy a pair, someone in need is getting a pair, too thanks to Bombas’ donation program.

Another great way to use your grippy socks? Following along with this Pilates routine:

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