Is Corona forced Erdogan to coordinate with Assad?


According to identical information, in the aftermath of the military operation launched by the Turkish army on the Syrian north during last March, its forces incurred more than 60 people, in addition to dozens of vehicles, armored vehicles and drones, and raised the pace of the security threat to Turkey, which prompted President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to run to Moscow, asking for help from Russian President Vladimir Putin and calling for the normalization of the texts of the agreements that they had guaranteed with Iran. What leaked is that Moscow knew the Turkish President desire and rush to cooperate in the Syrian file, as well as his sincerity, and believed in his promises, and that the Moscow guest expressed his willingness to conduct a fruitful, serious, effective and useful dialogue, and the Russian capital picked up these signals, and the Turkish desire responded directly to Erdogan’s notice of the importance of the role Ankara and its strength, as Moscow informed him explicitly and directly that it takes into account Turkish security and political interests in the Syrian north, which reassured the Turkish president, especially after Russia reiterated its readiness to resume joint patrols and security coordination between the two parties.


It is clear that the short path for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in order to achieve his interests in Syria is dialogue with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad directly, and the transition from rivalry to harmony, and his intelligence chief paved the way for him earlier, just as Assad, has become the first player in the country After it has taken control of most of Syria’s area and tightens its security and military grip on cities and rural areas, it is not possible to pass the path of peace without crossing its station, and it is impossible to implement the peace and armistice agreements signed without Assad, his presence, and his approval.Like the United Arab Emirates, Erdogan can invoke the humanitarian file, or fight against Corona, or harbor and provide aid to refugees, and coordination to return them to their cities and villages of origin, or it is difficult to reach a peaceful solution in northern Syria, which threatens Turkish security mainly.

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