20 Short films about Covid 19- REEF 2020 Competition (8-18 October 2020)



This year, we endeavored to overcome the challenges of 2020 and launch the second edition of REEF festival while exploring urgent issues from our actuality.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing crisis pushed us all to re-think our entire perception of the world and, specifically, our relationship to the environment and to nature. In June 2020, we launched a competition for Lebanese youth and asked them to create short films translating their emotions and reflections on the crisis.

Twenty films were selected. A jury composed of singer Rima Khcheich, actress Carole Abboud and filmmaker Ahmad Ghossein will award two prizes and a third award will be granted by the public on aflamuna.online

JURY words about winning films:

After watching the short films submitted, we, the members of the jury, would like to thank the organizers of this initiative for their efforts and for the diversity of films included. The number of good and intersecting films was astonishing, and many addressed the pandemic that has changed our lives and scared us all. The work of this group of filmmakers is promising and shows great sensitivity.

Some films displayed a high level of poetic sense and took the opportunity to express personal fears resulting from the situation we live in today. The number of quality films made the jury’s task more difficult. Some films were new or completely unique, as the filmmakers attempted to use their imaginations to take us beyond personal difficulties and provide a comprehensive cinematic framework.

Winner of Best Film Award

For its dynamic cinematic language and well-articulated narrative expression of the times we are living through during the pandemic; the filmmaker’s successful use of futuristic cinematic imagination; the film’s simple yet strong plot; its treatment of the relationship with nature post-Covid-19; its portrayal of emboldened authorities seeking to control every breath; and its strong cinematic elements, including acting, cinematography, and special effects; the jury unanimously selected “Dead Planet” by Raffi Tannous for the Best Film Award.


The second prize is awarded to the film whose first part captivated us with its smart proposition of using shadow and silhouette to examine boredom caused by repeating the same daily routine until all sense of time is lost. Its second part focused on longing for nature. This film’s two different parts complemented each other to create one idea and narrative style. The second prize goes to “Cruise-19” by Rana Zeidan


Two films were awarded the Jury’s special mention:

1-    “Quarantivox” by Haidar El Saffar

2-    “The Break-off Effect” by Corrie Boustany and Jad Sleiman

About the audience award:

—–As for the audience award, it has been voted online through AFLAMUNA.online. 1340 persons voted, and the winner is “Quarantivox” by Haidar El Saffar who received 219 votes. (Quarantivox, is a short experimental film where more than 27 artists from 15 cities of the world contributed with 5-10 sec videos to experiment sounds of Quarantine.Since many of us are staying at home teleworking or practically doing nothing but wait, I decided to keep the connection and share a story with fellow artists and creators from different world cities. Maybe COVID 19 has concealed benefits and that is: to bring us closer, to share moments, to care about our brothers, sisters as well as Mother Earth and to LISTEN to numerous hidden sounds that our ears missed in the life we led as busy consumer species. The Word Quarantivox is a word made for this experimental video that defines the sound of the lockdown.

Quarantivox is a raw sound and image experiment among many other lockdown productions of what we’re expressing now to confront a ruthless smart virus.)


Carole Abboud is a Lebanese actress and film producer. She featured in several theater plays and films shown worldwide. In 2011, she opened her own production company, ‘c.cam production’. Some of the films she produced: ‘Guardians Of Time Lost’ by Diala Kachmar (Awarded Best Documentary, Dubai Film Festival 2013), ‘This Little Father Obsession’ by Selim Mourad (Best Documentary, Carthage Film Festival – Première Oeuvre – 2016), and ‘Room for A Man’ by Anthony Chidiac (Grand Prize at RIDM 2017, Best Documentary at Queer Lisboa and Hamburg Queer Festival 2018).

Rima Khcheich is fast becoming one of the most sought-after singers of classical Arab songs. She is acknowledged both for the exquisite beauty of her voice and her profound knowledge of both traditional and modern Arab repertoires. Rima has performed live in the most prestigious concert halls throughout the Arab world, Europe, and the USA. Her music career spans seven solo albums, a theater performance, and a myriad of collaborations with internationally renowned musicians.

Ahmad Ghossein is an artist and filmmaker. His practice utilizes a number of media, including video art, installation, art in public spaces and photographs and film.

Ghossein’s work has been exhibited and screened around the world, from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa), Sharjah Biennale 10 and 12, Center Pompidou in Paris, Cannes Film Festival to the Berlinale Film Festival.

His debut film “All this Victory” premiered at the critic’s week, Venice film festival, where it won three awards “Best film”, “Audience Award” and a “Technical Contribution”.

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