19-Year-Old Sells Her Virginity for $1.3 Million Online

19-Year-Old Sells Her Virginity for $1.3 Million Online

A 19-year-old woman has reportedly sold her virginity for £1,026 million (1.2M Euro/$1.3M), after putting it up for sale through a notorious online escort agency.

Ekaterina, who is listed at Katya on Cinderella Escorts, is originally from the city of Kharkiv in north-eastern Ukraine, but currently resides in the United States.

In December the agency revealed she planned to sell her virginity, which was verified by a doctor, for no less than £84,120.

And this week the site appeared to confirm she had sold her virginity to a Munich businessman, 58, who owns various fitness studios throughout Europe, for £1,026 million (1.2M Euro).

Katya, who speaks English and Russian, previously explained that she planned to spend the money on ‘travel, luxury and living life’.

And new details on the site now read: ‘Final Bid: 1.200.000 Euro.’

The buyer is described as a ‘Businessman from Munich’, while further details show that the second highest bid came from lawyer in New York at 1 million Euro, and the third highest bid from a singer in Tokyo at 800,000 Euro.’

Bidders’s names and details are always kept private.

According to the site the buyer is ‘open to marrying Katya and supporting her financially with a monthly budget of 10,000 Euro (£8,500) in the future’.

Speaking to FEMAIL, Katya admitted the decision to sell her virginity wasn’t an easy one.

She said: ‘I have thought several times about not selling my virginity after all. It’s definitely a tough decision, for the simple reason that it’s irreversible.

‘But it’s a win-win situation. The choice between losing my virginity to someone I love,  and to have lost forever my chance to win the million is hard.

‘However, I think the probability is higher that you will regret not accepting the money, because a future boyfriend will most likely leave you at some point.

A video sees Katya telling the site: ‘I want to sell my virginity on cinderella-escorts.com because I want to travel, experience luxury and live life. At the end of the day it is my body, my choice and the best decision for me.’

In order to be listed on Cinderella Escorts’ auctions, girls must show us a doctor’s certificate confirming their virginity. To join Cinderella Escorts as a customer, you must have minimum assets of €10million.

Any bidders wishing to buy a member’s virginity must submit a 10 per cent deposit to ensure it is a ‘serious offer’.

They then receive a notification from the agency if they are surpassed, at which point they can decide whether or not to increase their offer or ask for their money back.

The meeting between the winning bidder and the virgin takes place in Germany, where prostitution is legal, and the buyer can choose a hotel of their choice. Due to the large amount of money involved in the sales, the buyer is entitled to perform another virginity test using a doctor of their choice.

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