$189,000 Worth of Gold Found on a Switzerland Train Carriage

$189,000 Worth of Gold Found on a Switzerland Train Carriage

Authorities have launched a bid to find the person who left a £152,000 three kilogram bag of gold on a train in Switzerland.

The bag was left in a carriage between St Gallen and Lucerne by the forgetful passenger in October last year.

Officials made the find public after a bid to locate the man failed.

How authorities will be able to verify claims of ownership are unclear.

The passenger has five years to come forward, BBC News reports.

Earlier this year, a single mother discovered her own valuable find when she unearthed a 500-year-old coin worth £2,500 in her back garden.

Amanda Johnston, 48, was bored at home in the appropriately named Portsmouth suburb of Moneyfields when she grabbed her son George’s metal detector and set to work looking for treasure.

After finding just a few nails at first, she suddenly came across the Henry VII Fine Gold Angel coin measuring just 29mm across and weighing five grams.

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