100,000 Babies Abandoned in China Yearly

100,000 Babies Abandoned in China Yearly

A baby has been rescued after being abandoned in the backyard of a gym in southern China.

The girl’s umbilical cord and placenta were still attached to her when a cleaner found her, doctors told reporters.

Her body was covered with mud, and her ears were filled with wiggling maggots, the medics added.

Ouyang Ting, who treated the baby, said the girl was ‘dirty and stinky’ when she was rushed to the hospital by a security guard.

‘When we bathed her later, we discovered there were young maggots on her body,’ the head nurse said.

‘I had never seen such a small baby being crawled on by so many maggots.

‘My heart aches for her. I don’t know why her father and mother would abandon her like this,’ Ms Ouyang told Pear Video in tears.

The girl was discovered on Saturday morning in the city of Nanchang in southern China’s Jiangxi Province.

It is said that a cleaner had heard ‘cats’ howling’ from the yard the night before and noticed the child the next day.

‘When the security guard brought the baby over, she was attached to her placenta. Her umbilical cord had not been cut, either, and she was covered in mud,’ said Dr Li Huibin from the Jiangxi Provincial Children’s Hospital.

The security guard immediately took the deserted child for medical attention after being alerted by a cleaner, Dr Li noted.

Footage released by Pear shows medical workers removing the worms from the baby’s ears with cotton buds.

Police have reportedly arranged the baby to be looked after by an orphanage and were looking for her parents. The child is in stable condition.

According to the latest statistics, around 100,000 babies are abandoned in China every year – an equivalent to more than 270 a day.

Under Chinese criminal law, any parents who desert their children can face imprisonment of up to five years.

However, in reality, few of them are given punishment due to a lack of law enforcement.

In June, a newborn boy was found stuck head down inside a plastic bag at a public toilet in north-western China’s Gansu.

The baby was covered in blood with his umbilical cord and placenta still attached. He was found in a toilet bin, according to a previous report.

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